Egona Schieleho Price 2016 and 2015

Dear colleagues
Meeting of Figurama Society (17th-19th) 6. 2016 in Kuksu, where you were all invited, accomplished two tasks. Installation and opening of Figurama16 at Kuks Hospital and election of the prize winner of the Egon Schiele Prize for Figural Drawing for 2016.

Veronika Marešová, curator of GASK Kutná Hora
Boris Jirků, Professor at FDU LS ZČU in Pilsen
Stanislav Buban, associate professor at VŠVU in Bratislava
David Čársky, associate professor at VŠVU in Bratislava
Radek Petricek, teacher of FMC TBU in Zlín
Karel Pokorný, Associate Professor, Executive Director of Figurama

Selection results:
First prize Martin Kukal FMK TBU in Zlín, page 119 in the catalog, teacher Radek Petricek, prize 50 000 CZK
Second Prize Emil Softič VŠVU in Brtatislava, p. 066 in the catalog, teacher Miloslav Boďa, prize 30 000 CZK
Third prize Mateusz Bližniak FMS AUD EG in Wroclaw, p. 380 in the catalog, teacher Wojciech Lupa, prize 20000 CZK
Criteria: completeness, flawlessness, the whole of the body in the mastery of opinion
The prizes were presented by the President of Figurama Boris Jirka at the opening of Figurama16 in Pilsen on October 11, 2016, with the participation of Czech Television. Laureates took the financial prize in person, against the signature of the Figurama expense document. Teachers of the laureates were given a small diploma in a copy of the original.

Dear colleagues, our meetings are working and for you it is an opportunity to be in the debate about the quality of the work being evaluated. After a long period of existence, the Figurama project is no longer a statement “do it so,” but the “how they do” stage has come to pass. That is why the name of the teacher is mentioned in the laureate certificate next to the name of the school. The sponsors of the grant for the laureates also participated in the evaluation so that they could decide whether to provide the financial amount already this year, the thanks are:
Mr. Ing. Pavel Bürger, Bürger Transport Libice nad Cidlinou
Thank you

Last year, Egon Schiele was awarded the prize for the first time
1. Milan Grezdo, FVU AU Banská Bystrica
2. Lukáš Jirsa, FDU LS ZČU in Pilsen
3. Jakub Czyž, FU AVU in Katowice
Without a financial bonus, the diplomas were handed over to school representatives at the Pilsen meeting.

The Figurama Council responds to the announcement of its member, Lukáš Tůma, that he is leaving the Litomyšl College and that he will not be able to work as a member of the board. He was released from office, remains a member of the club. On a joint proposal and with the approval of the proposed new member of the council, Radek Petricek was introduced to office with effect from October 11, 2016.

Karel Pokorný in Pilsen 11. 10. 2016

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