FIGURAMA is an international project focused on figure art (drawings, paintings, sculptures and statues). Its aim is to map and compare the approach to interpretation of the human body at each of the participating art universities, academies, and colleges. However, FIGURAMA fulfils one more important task ? it leads students to understanding that drawing, including figure one, is an indispensable part of most branches of art, which holds true even now when new media have become prevalent. It leads them to a new way of perception of the human body, aids their shape reservoir and drawing skills, and helps them enhance their thinking and creativity.

Each year, the FIGURAMA project includes a tour of exhibitions complemented by an extensive catalogue which serves as educational material at the same time. The exhibitions are organised by the main FIGURAMA organiser as well as by participating universities in their respective cities. Some of the exhibitions of student works are completed by a pedagogical part called ARTELERIE. Workshops and lectures focused on figure drawing are usually held on the occasion of hosting exhibitions abroad.

History of the project

FIGURAMA was established in 2001, based on the initiative of  akad. mal. Karel Pokorný (Brno University of Technology – Faculty of Architecture) and prof. Boris Jirků (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague) who held a collective exhibition of figure works of their students. The originally one-off event became an annual project, and already the following year it got an international character as the University of Applied Arts in Vienna enhanced the ranks of exhibitors. Further schools, including foreign ones (from Poland, Germany, Spain, USA, and other countries) have gradually joined the project. Since 2002 an extensive catalogue complements each year of FIGURAMA.

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